Village of Ureka Gets a Crash Course in Health


San Antonio de Ureka is a small village on the southern coast of Bioko Sur, approximately 25 miles from the closest health care facility.  Since “Urekan” villagers have no phone service, cars, or even first aid kits, any injuries to residents can quickly lead to serious trouble.  Last weekend, U.S. Embassy Malabo’s nurses visited Ureka, offering health related information to villagers there.   Over 30 participants spent much of the day learning and practicing how to treat injuries such as hemorrhages, broken bones and snake bites.  Villagers were also provided information on the signs, symptoms, causes and effects of diabetes and hypertension.  Finally, glucose screening tests and blood pressure checks were conducted for each participant with the help of visiting medical staff from Drexel University.

The U.S. Embassy left the village with a medium-sized first aid kit, as well as individual small kits for each participant.  Approximately 80 toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes were also provided for distribution to family members, as well as a box of children’s books, bags and pens for the schoolroom where the workshop was held.  The U.S. Embassy would like to thank the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP), especially Drew Cronin and visitors from Drexel University for helping with this rewarding day.  This small event helped bring together the U.S. and Equatoguinean communities with a common goal of increased health care.