Bilateral Economic Relations

  1. U.S. Assistance to Equatorial Guinea
  2. Bilateral Economic Relations

The United States is the largest single foreign investor in Equatorial Guinea.  Equatorial Guinea’s oil reserves are located mainly in the Gulf of Guinea and account for the majority of the country’s economic activity.  U.S. oil companies are among Equatorial Guinea’s largest investors, and they have a lead role in oil and gas exploration and extraction.  Equatorial Guinea’s exports to the United States are dominated by petroleum products.  Imports from the United States include machinery, iron and steel products, optic and medical instruments, and inorganic chemical and rare earth minerals.  U.S. passport-holders are entitled to visa-free entry for short visits.

Major U.S. foreign policy issues form the cornerstone of the bilateral relationship with Equatorial Guinea:

  • Promoting and protecting civil and human rights
  • Addressing the governance and social welfare challenges of the country
  • Advocating on behalf of U.S. businesses and citizens to ensure fair and transparent treatment