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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a visa to enter Equatorial Guinea?

American citizens do not require a visa to enter Equatorial Guinea. If you are not an American citizen, you should contact the closest Equatoguinean embassy.

Can I use credit cards in EG?

The banking and financial sector in the country are still nascent. You will have to pay cash, in CFA francs for most goods and services that you purchase. Some hotels accept US dollars. There are a few ATMs in the cities of Malabo and Bata and they work with both Visa and Mastercard systems.

How do I start a business in Equatorial Guinea?

First and foremost, get a local partner who will guide you through the lengthy process of establishing yourself in the EG market. You will have to engage with several Ministries and Government Entities. The Ministry of Economy and Business Development can provide guidance.

Please direct your inquiries to:

Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Washington D.C:

Address: 2020 16th Street NW 20009

Tel: 202 518-5700 or 296 41 74 | E-mail: eg_africa@yahoo.com | Fax: 202 518-5252 or 296 41 95


Consulate-General of Equatorial Guinea in Houston, TX

6401 Southwest Fwy Houston, Texas 77074\Tel: 713 776-9900