Do you want to impact Equatorial Guinea in a way that reinforces U.S.-Equatoguinean shared values?

The U.S. Embassy Malabo, Public Affairs Section announces opportunities for public diplomacy grants/funding for your program.

Individuals and nonprofit organizations. The Mission cannot give grants to commercial firms/for-profit firms, municipalities or government establishments. Nonprofit educational institutions can apply.

This program (and the linked forms below) is designed for grants that total $9,999 or less. If your project is larger, contact us at for more information.

If you have an idea for a project, you are always welcome to submit an application in English or Spanish using our template. Download the application form located here (PDF 256 KB) 

Submit your application electronically to or print the form and drop off the application at the U.S. Embassy from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

Preference will be given to:

  1. Projects that engage the public with a public dialogue and educational component;
  2. Individuals and organizations with a proven track record of executing superior events and programs;
  3. Applications with a U.S. component such as a scholar, speaker, artist, performer, author, etc.;
  4. Applications requesting Embassy co –financing.

Activities that are not typically funded include

  1. paying to complete activities begun with other funds;
  2. political party activities; charitable activities;
  3. fundraising campaigns
  4. commercial projects;
  5. projects aimed only at primary institutional development of the organization.

The Embassy does not fund lump sum overhead costs, alcoholic beverages, and vague budget line items, such as “Miscellaneous Items” or “Unforeseen Expenses.”

  • You cannot start spending funds until the project period has been set (project start date) and the Embassy has provided you with signed, official documents indicating the Embassy has approved your grant.
  • You must spend all funds within the project period (before project end date).
  • Costs defined in the budget must be consistent with the narrative description of planned activities.
  • The Embassy can provide funding for some refreshments. For example, you can purchase snacks for an event such as coffee, tea, and fruit.  But the Embassy cannot cover a group dinner.  In general, we could support food served between program sessions.
  • Costs for line items in the budget should be exact where ever possible. If you must estimate a cost, please do your research carefully! The Embassy rarely accepts modifications.
  • You must return any unspent funds to the U.S. Embassy.
  • Cost sharing or cost participation must be explained and itemized.  Any grantee must submit documentation to verify commitments regarding cost-sharing/cost participation requirements.
  • The Embassy requires financial accounting throughout the project and reporting at the end of the project, such as invoices and receipts.  Recipients must maintain financial records, supporting documents, statistical records, and all other records pertinent to an award for a period of three years from the date of submission of the final expenditure report.