Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program (SSHP) is not currently accepting applications.

The SSHP is a grassroots grant assistance program that funds grants for small development activities that generate public awareness of U.S. foreign assistance efforts which fall outside the structure of other established U.S. assistance projects. The program is intended to be flexible and allow the Ambassador to respond directly to requests from local communities for assistance with projects that have immediate impact, and further Mission priorities. Equally important, the Special Self-Help program is structured to encourage communities to be self-reliant and undertake similar activities on their own in the future.

The U.S. Malabo Grants Office announces an open competition for registered organizations interested in submitting applications for the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program, which supports small-scale, community-based initiatives that promote self-reliance, foster development, and promise an immediate and dramatic effect on local communities.

Projects should also include significant community contributions in cash, labor, or materials. The purpose of the program is to support different types of community-initiated and community-led capacity-building projects, including development projects (schools, health clinics, wells), as well as projects that increase employment and help communities to develop marketable skills (village craft centers, agricultural cooperatives).

Click here for more information on the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program FY2021.