DS-160 Instructions

Starting February 1, 2020, you must submit fully and correctly completed DS-160s to be allowed entry into the U.S. Embassy for your visa interview.  Correctly completed applications must have:

Uploaded photo; U.S. contact name, address, and specific relationship; social media information; Correct visa class; Accurate information on last five U.S. visits to include date and length of stay; Additional points of contact in U.S.; Mother and father’s full name and birth date.   Below are specific errors we have found on applications.

  1. Note application ID is your receipt number as well as your bar code number. This is the number you will enter into your interview appointment schedule under receipt number and bar code number.

2. Correct visa class:

  • (For most travelers for tourism that will be B)
  • (Student visas are F1)

3. Who is paying for your trip? You must answer this and provide details of sponsor

4. List all travelers traveling with you. Full names and relationship.

5. Previous U.S. travel information must be completed correctly and in detail. Answering incorrectly can result in visa denial.

6. Address, mailing address, phone number, email MUST be answered with applicant’s information. Even if someone is assisting you in completing your application. Not providing correct information will not allow U.S. Embassy to contact you for scheduling changes, or other important interview information.

7. Social media information must be completed honestly and correctly. Not doing so could result in denial of U.S. visa.

8. Passport information must be completed accurately and correctly.

9. Point of Contact Information. You must list your point of contact in the U.S. This could be school officials, friend, mom, dad, sister, spouse.  You must list their complete name as it appears on their passport.  You should list the correct street address, hotel, location you will be staying in the U.S. or your U.S. contact information. You should include the correct phone number and email.  Not providing enough details could result in denial of visa.

10. Family information: Relatives.  You must list full name and date of birth of family members.  If you do not list full name and date of birth, this could result in incomplete application and denial of entry for interview.  You should also answer if you have any immediate relatives not including your parents living in the U.S.

11. UPLOAD PHOTO- Not uploading photo will result in being denied entrance into the U.S. Embassy for your visa appointment.