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Citizenship Services

Types of Service

The United States Embassy in Malabo provides assistance to U.S. citizens in Equatorial Guinea. U.S. citizens can request passports, passport pages, notarize documents, register their children born outside the United States (in Equatorial Guinea), and ask for help in emergency cases.

Non-Emergency American Citizens Services are offered on Mondays.  Please visit https://evisaforms.state.gov/acs/default.asp?postcode=MBO&appcode=1 to make an appointment.

For emergency assistance, contact the Embassy at (240) 333 095 741, or call the American Citizen Services Emergency Hotline at (240) 555 516 008.

Apply for Citizenship

The Consular Section at the Embassy Malabo currently processes Non-Immigrant Visa (tourist visas) by appointment only during regular business hours.

Interested applicants can make an appointment directly on the website through the Embassy’s on-line appointment system.

Immigrant visas are not currently processed in Malabo; however, interested parties can obtain more information in our Immigrant visa section.

Equatoguineans are currently eligible to apply for Diversity visas, for more information on this program please see our Immigrant visa section.

The visa section in Malabo can be reached at the following address:

The Consular Officer
U.S. Embassy
Malabo II Apartado 95
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Phone: +240 333095741 | Email


Please do not call to inquire about friends or families who have been refused a nonimmigrant visa. Under U.S. law, visa records are treated as confidential, and we cannot discuss nonimmigrant visa cases, including refusals or issuances.
Please do not send unsolicited original or supporting documents via fax, post, or messenger for nonimmigrant visa applications. We cannot accept them. It is a visa applicant’s responsibility to produce the information requested by the consular officer at the time of the interview. Please send supporting documents directly to the applicant, who should present them during his or her interview. The Consular Section assumes no responsibility for documents delivered outside of the application process.
Biometric processing can take up to one week to clear. Typically applications take a minimum of 24-48 hours, but many take longer. Visa applications must clear all data checks prior to issuance.

Once a visa application is received at the Embassy, it cannot be expedited. Please plan accordingly.

*The Embassy cannot expedite a visa due to lack of planning.