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20th Anniversary of Continuous U.S. Presence in Equatorial Guinea
November 7, 2023

Opening ceremony of new embassy compoundOctober 16, 2023 marked 20 years of continuous U.S. presence in Equatorial Guinea and over five decades of bilateral relations between the United States and Equatorial Guinea.

Although the U.S. government was one of the first nations to recognize independent Equatorial Guinea in 1968, 2003 was a landmark in our commitment to you, the people of EG, when we opened the doors of our embassy in Malabo to work with your government and civil society to foster growth and opportunities.  Since 2003, U.S. investment in EG has been one of the most important contributions we have made, with billions of dollars in various sectors to create jobs, improve health care and education, promote exchange opportunities, and protect EG’s incredible biodiversity.

As we look to the next 20 years and beyond, we stand ready to continue to strengthen our cooperation, especially in the areas of security and defense, economic diversification and improving the business climate, in protecting the environment and increasing conservation efforts, in combatting trafficking in persons, in improving transportation infrastructure, and on social issues, including improvements in the education and health sectors.

These are the goals we are working on now, but as always, I am eager to hear from you all – what issues matter to you and how can the United States engage better to accomplish our goals of connecting the talented people of EG to opportunities to improve livelihoods and increase economic sustainability.

Click here to watch Ambassador Gilmour’s 20th anniversary video. Click here to learn more about U.S.-EG bilateral relations.