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October 27, 2021

[!] General Notes for When Creating a Post:

[!] General Notes for When Creating a Post:

  • Clone this template post before using. Do not edit the original template.
  • Remember to update the URL for the post before publishing.
  • Remember to update/edit/add categories and tags.
  • Remember to double check the post Author before publishing. This will be visible on the front end of the site. Always select U.S. EMBASSY MANAMA.
  • Adjust, add, remove blocks as needed in the rest of the post, depending on how you would like to format the information included in this post.
  • When using multiple blocks within a post, remember to follow the required background color order: lavender, green, gray.
  • If using only one custom block, the background color should be white.

[!] IMAGES: 

  • If available, always include a Featured Image, especially if you are planning to add a post to the Blogroll on the home page.
  • Galleries are available to use when displaying multiple images within a post (example below)